Category: Point of Sale

05 Mar

Public Holiday Surcharge (MNPOS)

How to Apply Public Holiday Surcharge for MNPOS 1. MANAGE POS -> SETTING -> COMPANY -> Please check SURCHARGE %2. Touch “EDIT ENABLE” Button and change Surcharge Rate (%)...

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05 Mar

Linkly Cloud Pairing Guide for Tabletious

“Tabletious” Solution Pairing Guide for Linkly Cloud Integration Type. Please apply Cloud (not On Premise) and get Client ID & Password. 1. Tabletious App – Tap “ADMIN” button 2....

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08 Sep

Linkly Accredited – On Premise & Cloud

MediaNara Point of Sale is approved by Linkly (Formerly PC-EFTPOS) Windows Based POS / Kiosk Software – On Premise Android Based Tablet / Self Order / Kiosk – Cloud...

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26 Nov

NMI Approved (NMI S644)

MediaNara Point of Sale is approved by NMI (National Measurement Institute). NMI S644. S644 Medianara POS Software Model MNPOS Point of Sale (POS) System

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